Who I am

I have 12+ years of experience as a UX, Graphic Designer and Front-End Developer. The last couple of years I've focused on making customer journeys better in mobile applications; i.e. tablet, phone and smart watch development.

At the Rotterdam University I've studied Information Technology with expertise in Media & Technology and Usability Engineering. Mainly I defined the requirements of the structure and behavior of interactive software. My discipline is creating products and services which are useful and meaningful for the people who'd use it. I love researching the needs, behavior, desires and values of the user.


Stuff I do

As a UX / interaction designer my goal is to help organisations to be successful. I advice on content & functionality across all online channels. And I design the user interface, from high level sketches on paper to detailed flows and interaction designs. My design decisions are based on user motivations, goals and the context of the product or service.

I enjoy working closely with the client & team members to make sure we're heading towards a great user experience. In the end your app or website should be relevant, simple to use and beautiful.

  • Interaction Design

  • Graphic Design

  • (Paper) Prototyping

  • (User) Research


One more thing

My view is that the term UX designer decribes a wide ranging responsibility to ensure that an end product achieves it's core (often business) objectives whilst providing it's users with the most effective, efficient and enjoyable experience as possible.

Core aspects of a successful digital experience are almost always the same:

  1. Utility (usefulness)
  2. Usability (ease of use)
  3. Appealing (aesthetically attractive and uncluttered)
  4. Engaging (enjoyment of use, encouraging an appetite for repeat use)

Companies or brands I worked with

Since 2013 I'm working for Rabobank on their current Mobile Banking Application and their new follow up application, which will be released any moment. Also I'm active in a small team with different disciplines to investigate a DevOps movement within the company. I've worked on a lot of small and big projects for differents kinds of clients mostly in Scrum/Agile teams.

Below is a small subset of some of the bigger clients I've worked with.